For years I’ve been obsessed with making schedules for my daily life, e.g. side-project time, learning time, exercise, etc.


I know that when I don’t have a set schedule, then none of the above will actually happen, and I will drift into the world of mindless consumption.

I’ve tried escaping the tyranny of a schedule and placing my faith in some romantic notion that I will do these things ‘when inspired’ – and in a further sweetener to my brain, that my output, as it will be ‘inspired’, will far exceed the passionless monotony of following a schedule.

So every few years off I go and merrily delete things off my calendar and put them into a grand todo-list, but without a set time to process that todo-list, nothing will get done and if there’s too many ‘large rocks’, e.g. exercise, on that todo-list, it will quickly become a to-ignore list.

Reluctantly I’ve had to accept that I’m a ‘schedule person’ – and I will force myself to read this post the next time I consider abandoning it.

Schedule vs No Schedule

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