Dec 05

ERH : Why should Linux be any different?

Elliotte Rusty Harold questions Linux as any normal consumer would – why can’t it use the same driver software as Windows?

Link : Mokka mit Schlag » A Stupid Idea for New Year’s Eve

I was asking myself the same question a few weeks back installing Ubuntu on a Sony Vaio laptop which has a native 1400×1050 resolution which it miserably failed to detect.

Only after a few hours of tinkering (i.e. Googling) did I manage to get it to work, but then there was the lack of sound, hibernate/sleep facilities, etc. and I was quickly back in Windows on that machine – and the comfort of OS X elsewhere.

(Those cheap Intel PowerBooks can’t come quickly enough.)

Dec 05

Functional testing of a Rails app with Selenium

How to use the Selenium test tool for functional testing of a Ruby on Rails and Ajax application.

Link : Automate acceptance tests with Selenium

Definitely one to add to every web developers toolbox in 2006.

Dec 05

Rails Deployment: Lessons Learned from James Duncan Davidson

James Duncan Davidson has published an excellent essary detailing Rails deployment issues. Jam-packed with practical tips.

* Should I use CGI or FastCGI?
* Should I use lighty or Apache httpd?
* If Apache, which freaking version?
* And how do I configure mod_fastcgi with Apache?
* Should I let the webserver manage fcgi processes or spawn them externally?
* And what’s this SCGI thing?
* And what’s this SwitchTower thing?
* What version of MySQL is the server running?

Link : Real Lessons for Rails Deployment

Dec 05

Hyper Enthusiasts – Java = Ruby?

Excellent article from Bruce Eckel covering the dangers of “language-love”, a sure sign of an amateur programmer.

The Java hyper-enthusiasts have left the building, leaving a significant contingent of Java programmers behind, blinking in the bright lights without the constant drumbeat of boosterism.

Link : The departure of the hyper-enthusiasts

Dec 05

Foxmarks – Synchronise Firefox bookmarks

FoxMarks Logo

A novel solution to sychronising bookmarks across multiple machines :

Foxmarks – Foxcloud Wiki

Still awaiting the service that will allow me to synchronise across multiple machines with different browsers (e.g. convert as necessary for Safari, FireFox, Opera, etc.).

Dec 05

Ruby Off The Rails

Refreshing non-Rails centric Ruby intro for seasoned Java developers from Big Blue:

  • Ruby Off The Rails
  • Acts as a timely reminder that there is a truly capable OO language behind all the Rails hype.

    Dec 05

    Long hours? Poor project management

    From Strange Brand – Branding and Marketing Blog – The First Year: 7 Lessons Learned

    Lesson 4: Long hours? Poor project management.

    Having been part of the design/development community for so long, I’m no stranger to the concept of “crunch time.” The fact that I’m running my own business only adds to the effect. I’ve been working 60-hour+ weeks for the past year, and yet it never feels like I’m doing enough.

    However, I’ve come to realize lately that long hours aren’t a badge of honor. If anything, they only highlight the need for better organization and management.

    It’s easy to associate a huge workload with the idea that “business is booming,” but in reality, it’s usually a sign of some (or all) of the following:

    * You’re disorganized.
    * You’re estimating inaccurately.
    * You’re not managing your staff effectively.
    * You’re giving “nice” deadlines to clients, instead of taking the time to explain and justify more realistic deadlines.
    * You’re trying to do everything by yourself when you really should be bringing on additional help.

    Well worth a read for all those thinking of starting up.

    Dec 05

    Teaching Javascript to Behave

    For all those who are still not fully paid-up members of the Ajax club :

    Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours

    is a nifty technique for separating Javascript code out of your HTML.